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Film Making

Film Making

Films by the Trust are an extension of the work that it has been engaged in since the past 10 years or so. Working in a remote impoverished area with a large population of unlettered men, women and children, films have enhanced our communication of new ideas and possibilities to the people. The process of filming in turn has been an experience of learning and discovery, as well as arriving at the best possible form within innumerable constraints.

We feel translating ideas, practices and information into films should be a process in partnership with the people themselves. We constantly try to identify the most appropriate person, place or situation within the community to articulate the film content in the most effective way. In a style between a documentary and an instructional film, people voice the issues true to their lives but with the purpose of sharing them for the benefit of a larger populace. Based on real life situations and articulated by people in real life contexts, these films create a sense of serendipity for the audience and hence are appealing and acceptable. The films in turn become a medium to bring forth the voices of the most neglected and marginalized people, expressing their plight and aspirations. These are also the voices that help us to constantly reposition our work to the context.

Our People’s Mobile Cinema takes these films to remote villages along with other films from across the world. An open-air cinema experience connects people with the rest of the world, sharing, learning, experiences, ideas and adding the joy of cinema to their lives.

We have made many films which can be seen on our YouTube channel.

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