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Technologies In Agriculture

Technologies In Agriculture

1. Advanced Technologies in Agriculture: - Generations continued doing traditional farming. The traditional way of farming was neither good nor was its economic output sufficient.

Farmers planted seeds distributed by us after consultation with scientists of Indian Agriculture Research Institute and Agriculture Research Institute which were greatly improved in quality and as a result, positive changes were seen as compared to traditional methods.

Modern farming – Farmers were encouraged to cultivate improved varieties of seeds using  modern methods. Their production rose higher from the start. And to strengthen their economic position. Wheat seed (1544, 8663, 2004 amar) and soyabean seeds (JS 9560, Hd 4662) were distributed. The use of good quality seeds produced more opportunities to strengthen the economic situation of farmers and made them happy and content.

Encourage producing Marigold – Farmers were encouraged to do floriculture work. And they were told what type of flowers can enhance their earnings.

2. Seed Bank: - The Trust powered by Integrated Watershed Management Programme component of prime agricultural irrigation scheme established a Seed Bank under the Production system and micro enterprises head. Through which we gave 30 kg of improved seeds to some farmers and in return they gave us 60 kg of the produce from those improved seeds. The seeds were placed in the seed bank and were given to other farmers as well.                      .                                                                    

They planted other varieties of  seeds (Purna, Poshan and Sharbati) in place of traditional seeds. Thereby increasing their earnings. As initially they were available only to a few farmers, after the establishment of seed bank they were available to approx 80% to 90% of farmers. 

Through the establishment of Seed Bank the farmers have been able to sow good quality of seeds resulting in higher quality of produce for which they received a much better price.