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Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

1. KALAKUND KA KALAKAND: - Kalakund is a place which is 10 kms from Choral and is famous for kalakand (a type of sweet). It was being sold at Kalakund railway station since the past many years. Traditionally it was prepared by 3 generations of 6-7 families on chulhas (a small wood fired stove), after collaboration with the Integrated Watershed Management Program 10 women from the same family were merged to create a Self Help Group SHG (Sachchhi lagan swa sahayata samuh).

These women not only tried to improve the quality of kalakand but also to connect other women with them. Initially they sold kalakand at the railway station only. Passengers passing between the hills of Kalakund were buying kalakand since the past several decades. Rural women now discovered the magic of the highway. Today kalakand has reached other places too (like choral, baigram and even Indore). Women also adopted modern technologies for making kalakand like boiler chulha and also proper packaging to make the kalakand reach a longer distance.

2.  READYMADE GARMENTS UNIT: - This is the story of a woman who came from a backward society, where girl’s education was not important at all. No freedom was given to the women in the community to work together added to financial constraints. Today she is fighting and not only standing on her own feet, but is also encouraging other women to be self-dependent. She has lit a spark of light for a new beginning which gradually reached the villages around and the effect is visible.

Gawalu Village lies about 40 kms from Indore, at khandwa road. The population of this village is around 1200 and Sheela is one of them. Sheela was very good in studies but lacked proper facilities and her family also did not allow her to go out of the village to study. She has just read till the eighth class. At the age of 19, Sheela was married to Mukesh Rathore who lived in Indore city. After the expansion of their family their expenses also increased. To manage the expenses at first she learned sewing work. And then began working in a nearby ready-made garment factory. When she got some earnings, she bought a sewing machine and started taking orders from the market. And started earning good money as she was skilled in her work.

To expand her work she moved to her own village Gawalu, and started involving other women and made a SHG (Jyoti jalgrahan swa sahayata samuh) with the help of integrated watershed management program (IWMP-04). Firstly a training session was conducted by the program for these women, and after getting proper training, the project gave revolving fund to the SHG women so that they were able to purchase sewing machines. They started to work in August 2015, and initially worked 2-3 hrs a day and earned Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/- monthly.

3. LED Lights (Jhalar) Making:- In Choral Village which is nearly about 25 kms. from Indore we conducted a training session of 10-15 days to learn how to make LED lights (Jhalar) through which 10-15 women were trained and formed a group to start making Jhalars. After seeing their efforts Eicher Motors tied-up with them for their three day diwali fair during which the women managed to sell 1500 LED lights (jhalars).